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IELTS for study

  IELTS is an international exam that shows Your level of English proficiency. And in the absolute majority of higher education institutions in Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, USA, SOUTH Africa, Denmark, Italy, Brazil, Turkey the availability of a certificate of successful IELTS exam is a mandatory requirement for International students. Therefore, if You want to study abroad, namely to enroll in a magistracy or to continue your education on some other programs, You need to pass the IELTS exam, namely academic IELTS and a fairly high ball. The Maximum score of successful IELTS is 9 points. The Average requirement of foreign universities for international students who passed the academic exam is 6-7 points. It Should be noted that if you want to pass any educational courses abroad in the medium-technical direction, you can confine yourself to the general examination (General IELTS). But all master's programs, as well as educational programs, which are held in higher educational institutions of the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, require the presence of an academic exam at the student (academic IELTS). To Clarify the requirements for the level of English language proficiency (i.e. what IELTS exam to take and what minimum score to consider) is required directly from the staff of the University, Institute, inviting foreign students. Please Note that despite the total validity period of the IELTS certificate you have received is 2 years (two years), most countries and universities of the world have their own limits and requirements for the statute of limitations of the certificate. For example, a number of leading universities in the United STATES, Canada and the Uk are allowed to review the certificates of the IELTS academic exam not older than six months. That is, the commission of Universities requires and takes to consideration the IELTS certificates received by the candidate (student) not later than 6 months ago. Accordingly if You have decided to apply for participation in the foreign educational program, and your certificate is received more than 6 months ago, it is better to retake Academic IELTS immediately, and then to send the documents to the University for consideration.  

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