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IELTS for work

The IELTS Certificate can be useful when working in many countries of the world, it is recognized by employers from Denmark, Italy, Brazil, Turkey and almost all countries of Eastern Europe. And for most foreign employment programs in Australia, the Uk, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and SOUTH Africa, the availability of an IELTS certificate is mandatory for a work visa. Depending on your employment, you will need To pass either a general IELTS exam (general) or an academic exam (academic IELTS). Therefore, looking for a job abroad, choosing a common direction and country, be sure to consider the requirements for candidates for competition position from the company. In the list of requirements to the candidate the employer indicates the need for an IELTS certificate, and also makes a mark-what level of examination should be passed (general or academic), and what is the minimum score to apply for competition Post. If in the list of requirements to the candidate from the foreign company inviting to work experts from abroad, the certificate of what level of IELTS is required is not specified, it is recommended to request this information from HR-Department of the company before handing Testing. In general, you can be guided by the general accepted provisions of the IELTS exam for work abroad:

Please Note that although the IELTS certificate (even if fully successful) is 2 years old, a number of countries impose their limitations on the adoption of the exam results in the period of limitation. Often The requirement of employers is the IELTS certificate received not earlier than 1 year ago. Accordingly, if You have decided to submit the documents and your CV to work abroad, and Your IELTS certificate was received more than 1 year ago, it is better to retake the exam and submit the documents already with the updated certificate.

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