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IELTS for immigration

IELTS is an approved international exam in English, with the successful delivery of which You receive a certificate. It is this certificate that will be a documentary, recognized confirmation that You know English at a certain level. Accordingly, if You are going to temporarily reside and work or move to a PERMANENT residence in an English-speaking country, You need to know the English language and prove to the representatives of the country issuing visas, as well as potential employers, that You Speak English, perceive it by ear and know how to read in this foreign language. Therefore, one of the documents for immigration today is a certificate of successful IELTS exam. THE Exam has two main modules. This is an academic English (Academic IELTS) and General English (General IELTS). As a rule, for migration to the Uk, Ireland, Australia, Canada and New Zealand as an immigrant or foreign worker it is enough to pass General IELTS. That is, it is enough to confirm the official international test that You speak English at the general level, you can speak, read and write on it. In Addition to the important point for obtaining permission to move to English-speaking countries, IELTS is an auxiliary and very important document for obtaining a work or study visa. The Certificate of examination is recognized in the absolute majority of higher educational institutions, as well as in the official visa offices (departments) of Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, as well as in a number of U.S. entities. You will be able to pass a high-quality preparation for the exam General IELTS, as well as pass trial testing and pass IELTS officially in Kyrgyzstan.

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Obtaining An official IELTS certificate

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