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The IELTS Certificate is recognized in 125 countries of the world, almost throughout Europe, in Great Britain, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand. The IELTS International exam tests the candidate's knowledge of four basic speech skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. There are two types of examinations: General Training Module and Academic Module. General Training Module is needed by those who plan to immigrate and work abroad, and Academic Module is for those who enter foreign higher education institutions, especially for Master's and postgraduate programs. We have extensive experience in preparing for both IELTS modules, our students successfully receive certificates with the necessary score. We will help you to understand the structure of the exam and learn the tactics necessary for successful passing the exam. The preparation Time depends on your initial level and the score you need to get.

We Offer

Course Duration
7 weeks old

Time of Classes
Lunch, daytime or evening time to choose a convenient schedule

Training Materials
Modern British textbooks or quality handouts


Our teachers are competent, highly qualified and have extensive work experience

Intensity of Classes
5 times a week 2 sessions per day (1 session – 50 minutes) 1 lesson consists of 2 sessions

72 Lessons + 4 Clubs in general + 1 trial test for 7500 kgs

Price for IELTS Preparation course

Intensive IELTS Preparation Course
Course Number of lessons Quantity
Number of lessons per week Number of lessons per day Lesson Time (minutes) Cost
7 weeks old 72 60 5 2 100 7500

Start preparing for the exam in our courses, understand the format of the test and the types of tasks

Motivation and serious preparation – the key to success on the day of exam passing

Telephones for Inquiries and records

Mobile phone + 996 (778) 899 816

Specialized literature from the online store EDUPRESS will also help You to prepare for IELTS. KG